Your Guide to Navigating SharePoint Server End of Life


SharePoint Server 2019 has been a popular platform for businesses to manage their content, collaborate, and streamline their workflows. However, Microsoft has announced that they are ending support for SharePoint Server 2019 in January 2024. This means that businesses need to prepare for the end of the life of SharePoint Server 2019 and consider their options for the future. In this blog, we’ll cover the steps you need to take to navigate SharePoint Server 2019 end of life.

What is SharePoint Server 2019 End of Life?

End of life (EOL) refers to the date when a product or technology is no longer supported by the manufacturer. In the case of SharePoint Server 2019, Microsoft will end support for the platform on July 14, 2026. This means that Microsoft will no longer provide technical support, security updates, or bug fixes for SharePoint Server 2019 after this date.

What are the Risks of Continuing to Use SharePoint Server 2019?

While you can continue to use SharePoint Server 2019 after the end-of-life date, it’s important to understand the risks. Without security updates and bug fixes, your SharePoint Server environment becomes vulnerable to security threats and performance issues. This can lead to data breaches, system downtime, and loss of productivity.

In addition, if your business is subject to compliance regulations, continuing to use SharePoint Server 2019 may put you at risk of non-compliance. Compliance requirements often mandate that businesses use software that is supported by the manufacturer and receives regular security updates.

What are Your Options for Navigating SharePoint Server 2019 End of Life?

There are a couple of options for businesses that are currently using SharePoint Server 2019. The option you choose will depend on your business needs, budget, and IT resources:

Upgrade to SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Version

The most straightforward option is to upgrade to the latest version of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition. This version offers ongoing support and updates, eliminating the need for future end-of-life decisions. However, this option may require an additional budget for licensing and IT resources for implementation.

Keep in mind that SharePoint Server Subscription Edition is a cloud-based solution, so businesses may need to evaluate their readiness to move to the cloud and ensure they have adequate internet bandwidth.

Migrate to a Third-Party Solution

If you are looking for a more customizable and flexible solution, you may want to consider migrating to a third-party SharePoint solution. There are many third-party solutions available that offer features and capabilities beyond what is available in SharePoint Server.

Migrating to a third-party solution requires careful evaluation of your business needs and the capabilities of the solution. You will need to assess your current SharePoint Server environment, identify any customizations or third-party solutions, and create a migration plan. You will also need to consider the cost and ongoing support requirements of the solution.

You should also consider the risks and potential challenges associated with migrating to a third-party solution, such as data migration issues, compatibility issues with other systems, and the need to retrain users on the new system.


Navigating SharePoint Server 2019 end of life requires careful planning and evaluation of your business needs. Whether you choose to upgrade to SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Version or migrate to a third-party solution, it’s important to start the process early and involve your IT team and stakeholders. Remember that the end of life of SharePoint Server 2019 is an opportunity to modernize and streamline your content management and collaboration processes.

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