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The benefits of an Intranet include providing the organization a solid base for meeting needs in communication, collaboration, data governance and security, compliance and productivity. A solid deployment framework with logical architecture to handle the organizations application needs is the foundation to a corporate intranet. The major business applications your organization may require are shown in the graph below.

Microsoft, the preferred partner for Alcero, offers a full suite of readily available, proven technologies for developing effective solutions for your organization, whether installed locally or cloud based.




Additionally, organizations that seek to improve their operational processes and gain a competitive advantage develop an Extranet with the following principles:

  • Limit the number of bridges between various partners and clients
  • Offer a secure environment for sharing, collaboration and data access
  • Build a portal for target applications
  • Manage and control access
  • Extend the organization’s intranet

The experience and success Alcero has in the development of extranets will allow organizations to achieve the following benefits:

  • Development based on extranet best practices
  • Design aimed at simplifying change management
  • Inclusion of key extranet features and structured sharing and collaboration
  • Optimization of your current infrastructure and integration with your intranet


Alcero has built their reputation through experience and expertise with the SharePoint and Office 365 software platforms. Our ability to enrich these platforms optimizes productivity within an organization, facilitate document sharing and structure data exchanges. Acknowledgments to its trailblazing expertise, Alcero is able to use any suitable component or feature in order to simplify, accelerate and facilitate document exchanges for the benefit of users and organizations. The components most frequently used by Alcero for optimizing its groupware solutions:

  • Communication tools
  • Electronic document management
  • Teams for extensive collaboration
  • Yammer for tacit and explicit data sharing
  • Document change alerts
  • Extranet for sharing data with partners and clients
  • Task management
  • Outlook integration
  • Email correspondence management
  • And much more!

All organizations aim to be productive and effective. Therefore, a groupware solution must be adapted to your specific business and the technologies your organization is already using. Thanks to its dedicated staff and methodology, Alcero is able to develop solutions that integrate easily with your IT systems in order to meet the collaboration needs, planning for change management and training.