Electronic Document Management (EDM)


Electronic Document Management (EDM) is a service offered by Alcero in Office 365 and SharePoint platforms. It enables an organization to classify, search, publish and archive documents with their attributes. It also manages the full life cycle of documents within a collaboration, compliance, project or communication context.

Alcero offers the following EDM architecture elements:

  • Documentary logical architecture;
  • Classification plan;
  • Retention schedule;
  • Metadata structure and plan;
  • Documentary process control;
  • Development of library services: input and output management, version management, audit, history, security, access control, and more

The extensive experience Alcero has in building or configuring document management systems gives us the ability to develop simple and effective solutions for your organization.

Integrated Document Management (IDM), as explained below, can be an additional level built around EDM for the governance and conformity of documents.

Integrated Document Management (IDM)

Document governance and security are ongoing issues that preoccupy managers. Alcero proposes the implementation of an integrated document management solution on a local SharePoint platform or in Office 365 by applying its expertise and, if required, by using the Collabware or AvePoint “add on” tools or similar applications to achieve the following objectives:

  • Implement information governance and security;
  • Protect the organization from unwanted information access and sharing by employees;
  • Unify electronic and paper document management methods;
  • Adapt business rules to document management practices and ensure transparency for your users;
  • Facilitate the adoption of new management methods by users;
  • Enforce data retention policies for legal, business and historical purposes.