Alcero is a top-tier partner for its clients. With technology always evolving and customer’s needs changing constant and dynamic collaboration with each client is required, in order to ensure the development of user-friendly, productive custom solutions with optimal installation and maintenance. The services and solutions designed by Alcero’s specialists are based on three major areas of expertise.

Strategic expertise


Handled by specialists with a minimum of 15 years of IT experience. Their extensive knowledge allows them to thoroughly identify and understand the organization’s business needs, technology and applications with the aim of developing a solution perfectly tailored to your needs and beneficial to the organization.

Tactical expertise


Since its inception, Alcero has been recognized for its expertise and inventiveness in the implementation of SharePoint and Office 365 solutions. The team of seasoned experts, Alcero knows how to optimize Microsoft technologies, enriching them to meet every component of your needs.

Operational expertise


Alcero’s structured, rigorous method is the key to successful implementation. It provides an innovative solution designed to evolve with the organization’s needs, including all the required documentation, training and change management. If required, benefits from Alcero’s managed service to maintain the solution, allows the organization to focus on core activities.The successful implementation of a solution requires several different areas of expertise. Alcero offers a full range of services designed to simplify the implementation, maintenance and enhancement of a solution. From strategic and tactical needs analysis to long-term maintenance, from configuration to customization, our range of implementation services will exceed all expectations.