5 Facts About Microsoft 365 Maturity Models You Need to Know

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool suite that has revolutionized how businesses operate. From email to collaboration tools, Microsoft 365 has become a must-have platform for organizations seeking to improve productivity and streamline their workflows. However, not everyone is using Microsoft 365 to its full potential. 

While it’s good to tailor workflows to your needs, you may miss out on several advantages if you don’t maximize the features of any software you use. This is where maturity models come into play. This article will explore five facts about Microsoft 365 maturity models you need to know.

1. What Is a Microsoft 365 Maturity Model?

In simple terms, a Microsoft 365 maturity model is a framework that helps businesses assess their current adoption and usage of Microsoft 365. These models help organizations identify areas where they can improve their platform use and provide a roadmap for achieving greater maturity. Maturity models measure how effectively an organization uses Microsoft 365 and what steps it can take to improve.

2. Why Are Maturity Models Important?

Maturity models are important because they allow businesses to identify areas to improve their use of Microsoft 365. By doing so, they can increase productivity, reduce costs, and achieve better business outcomes. 

In addition, maturity models can help organizations understand the full potential of Microsoft 365 and how they can use it to achieve their business objectives. Ultimately, maturity models ensure businesses maximize their investment in Microsoft 365.

3. How Do Maturity Models Work?

Maturity models typically consist of stages or levels that represent increasing maturity levels using Microsoft 365. These levels are based on various factors, including the extent to which the platform is being used, the level of integration with other systems, and the degree to which employees are trained and using the platform effectively. 

By assessing where an organization is on the maturity model, businesses can identify areas where they need to improve and take targeted steps to achieve greater maturity levels.

4. What Are the Advantages of Using a Maturity Model?

Using a maturity model can bring a range of benefits to businesses:

  • Maturity models can help organizations understand where they stand regarding Microsoft 365 adoption and usage, a critical first step in improving their platform use.
  • Maturity models help businesses identify areas where they can improve their use of Microsoft 365 and provide a roadmap for achieving greater maturity levels.
  • Maturity models can help businesses achieve better business outcomes by increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving collaboration and communication.

5. What Are Some Key Considerations When Using a Maturity Model?

When using a maturity model, there are several key considerations that businesses should keep in mind. Firstly, selecting a maturity model appropriate for the organization’s size and level of Microsoft 365 adoption is important. 

Secondly, businesses should ensure that they have the right resources to implement the changes required to achieve greater maturity. This may include employee training and development programs and investments in additional tools and technologies to support Microsoft 365 usage. 

Thirdly, organizations should ensure that they clearly understand their business objectives and how Microsoft 365 can be used to achieve them. This will ensure that efforts to improve Microsoft 365 maturity are aligned with overall business goals.


Microsoft 365 maturity models are a valuable tool for businesses seeking to improve their platform use. By using a maturity model, organizations can identify areas where they can improve their use of Microsoft 365 and achieve greater maturity levels. 

This, in turn, can boost productivity, reduce costs, and create better business outcomes. Businesses of all sizes should consider using a maturity model to assess their current Microsoft 365 adoption and usage level and identify areas where they can improve.

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