The benefits of extranet for the company


The benefits of extranet have changed the way different corporate activities are managed in the 21st century. The tools employed by the available technology increase the range of productivity of employees and collaborators which improves the internal and external logistics of the company.

The managers and coordinators of a company are constantly concerned about external logistics and the organization of employees. In the search for solutions the extranet is the best in terms of efficiency to solve the problems mentioned above.

Below we explain what the extranet is and what benefits your company can achieve by implementing it.


What is an extranet?

Extranet is a private network that uses the internet to share, in a secure way, the information or operation of an organization or company with clients, partners, suppliers, or with another business.

It is developed as a digital space that opens to the web for external users to access. It is directly related to the installation of the intranet.


How does extranet work?

This private network uses Internet protocols that can be accessed by authorization through a key or access code. The aim is to share information with customers, partners, employees, suppliers, etc. outside the company.

The information is generally of commercial, social and educational interest, among others related to the service area and products of the company. Extranets present information about products, promotions, services, service conditions, order status, supplier requests, etc.

Examples of the use of extranets include the electronic banking system and online shopping systems used by supermarkets, airlines, online stores, among others.


What are the benefits of extranet?

  • Improve customer service. Users or clients can directly manage their accounts, purchase, order products and check the status of their orders without having to wait for an employee to attend to them in a conventional way.
  • Timely, reliable and controlled information exchange. The information between customers, suppliers, employees and the company or organization is fast, efficient and transparent, so that the time of action or execution of tasks is reduced.
  • Security. Communication is streamlined but a semi-private access is maintained, controlled or restricted by access permission levels through which registered users can enter from any physical location where they are.
  • Visualization. Companies today must remain connected to social activities that impact the conditions of users, and therefore a network that provides access to discussion forums on topics of interest, news, partnerships with other companies or organizations, etc.. informs and makes visible the participation and interest of the company in activities of this kind.
  • Global connection. Access from any mobile device, at any time, allows action to speed up tasks in real time, change work dynamics, solve problems, etc.

Extranet is a technological tool that must be part of efficient companies. Contact your technology provider to find out how your company can implement this tool.

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