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Collabware CLM

Collabware CLM energizes organizations by protecting their critical content and enabling faster, better decision-making. By using Collabware CLM’s built-in case management, workflow, search and document management features, organizations can easily automate work processes, secure in the knowledge that regulatory and legal requirements are met.

Technical specifications

Collabware CLM integrates with SharePoint 2010/2013 as a SharePoint service application, so that your technical teams do not need to build any new infrastructure or management processes.


Works within your SharePoint infrastructure


Multi-domain support through the service-application model


Deployment through a simple installer


Fully documented in-process and web-services APIs for integration


Protect content and reduce risk

  • Premature destruction may increase the risk of regulatory penalties and fines;
  • Failure to provide content upon disclosure may result in legal damages.

Comply with legal and regulatory requirements

  • SharePoint’s basic compliance capabilities are not enough;
  • Doing nothing significantly increases your risk profile.

Increase user engagement

  • Compliance should not be an issue… Collabware CLM is simple, smooth and transparent for users;
  • SharePoint is only as good as the user.