Why choose Collabmail?

Collabmail is the tool Alcero installs for clients with the following needs:

Simplify email-based work


Collabmail for group work

Simplify your inbox. Integrate SharePoint into your office work with the ability to drag-and-drop folders, emails and attachments without leaving Outlook.

Improve employees’ productivity


Collabware CLM for productivity

Spend less time managing information and more time moving your organization forward. Use smart data management to empower your employees.

Find important data


Collabware CLM for search and discovery

Never worry about “No Results Found” ever again. Use precision search and content previews to find the data you need quickly and effectively.

Automate compliance


Collabware CLM for compliance

Hand-processed compliance leads to non-compliance. Save time and reduce risks with smart automation of the document life cycle.


A better way to work with your team

  • Collaboration based exclusively on email is disorganized;
  • Share your files easily and securely with internal and external team members;
  • Participate without leaving Outlook.

Enter the content of the email in SharePoint

  • Easily classify emails and attachments in SharePoint using bulk metadata editing;
  • Locate critical email metadata and manage emails and attachments as documents.

Find content in SharePoint without leaving Outlook

  • Attach or link SharePoint content with emails;
  • Easily view and edit SharePoint metadata in bulk, without leaving Outlook.